Customer Code of Conduct


Customer Code of Conduct, Walmart, Target, Jcpenny, Sears/ (mart, Dollar General, Red Cat, & Walt Disney etc.

The different customers' code of conducts of different buyers has different requirements time by time formally said to be COC.

These COC  Customer Code of Conduct are consisted on number of requirements; which vary buyer to buyer or customer to customer.

The most experience and generic requirements of social compliances depending upon the local laws such as:

Child labour

Remuneration (Payment)

Recruitment (Employment)

Time management

Disciplinary actions

Abuse and harassment

Health and safety requirements


Provision of child and women working conditions etc.

Some buyers also require the additional requirements of environment and security along with the above social compliance requirements which are also said to be 'Ethical Requirements).

Such as:

Environment Requirements

Environment policy

Policy communication

Policy awareness to the workers

Waste hazards

Waste control and handling records

Awareness of waste control

EPA testing of effluent if any

IEE authority from EPA etc.

Security Requirements

  • CCTV Camera recording and records
  • Security records
  • Key log records
  • IT Security
  • Loading security
  • Dispatching security
  • Packing zone security etc.

Some buyers require the complete standards of Quality Requirements; such as

  • Quality policy and objectives
  • Quality records
  • Quality control and Execution SOPS
  • Departmental SOPS
  • Quality Equipment Control
  • Quality Trainings
  • Quality audits
  • Quality control Criteria
  • Quality Meetings etc.




Achieve the customer goals for long term relationships

To satisfy the product quality to the customer

Make your own Quality system strong and healthy

To get continuous dispatches after success of audit.

Global Standards has different aim than others for those who willing to get their customer audit passed successfully. How is it so, we do:

Plan for our clients

Prepare the documented structure and descriptions

Path way of implementation

Central point of working

Easiest quality work for client for success

Global Standards always wishes to get succesfull the enitre organizations of its home land with hieght of quality and it satisfaction for keep delivery the Products and services to the foreign countires.