Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is the latest Security Standard created by the U.S. Customs Border Protection  Post 9/11 measures had to be adopted promptly in order to protect the U.S. borders from terrorist threats. Therefore the  devised security measures to be adopted for all companies lined along the supply chain. This program was initially offered to manufactures, importers, ports, liners, and other firms.

C-TPAT benefits to Industries

Once you are C-TPAT approved company following are the benefits:

Fewer Inspection

“Fast Track” Treatment

Participation in C-TPAT Sponsored Seminars

Eligibility for  Account -based processes

Assigned account manager

Self– policies and monitoring of own security practices

Sharing of information and best practices among membership

Risk mitigation

Continuing of the global economy

Improver Supply Chain Management

The Steps to C-TPAT

Security profile:
In collaboration time of the C-TPAT agreement, or within sixty days, the company must comply with the security guidelines. The organization has to undertake an internal review according to the official C-TPAT security guidelines and recommendations. The company not only evaluates its internal security, but also the security of everyone in its supply chain (for example its carriers, brokers, foreign suppliers, etc).

The potential company opting for the security profile is informed and  within sixty days of the filing (tentative) whether they have acquired certification or that the company must take additional steps.

Certified companies are then auditedi n order to ensure that corrective measures were obtained in the security profile and that the respective company is in accordance to their standards under the Agreement to Voluntarily participate.

When customs administrations offer tangible to businesses that meet minimum security standards and follow best practices, those businesses are known as “trusted traders.” This concept is internationally accepted and is entrenched in protocols such as the  SAFE Framework of Standards