BSCI Business Social Compliance Initiative

The BSCI standard is the bundle of requirements of social compliance and asked for the assessment through the buyer who has been Listed at 1350 web.

BSCi is an auditable but as reporting standard has based on Human Rights, or  Convention on the Rights of the Child and various International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and  covers the following areas of accountability:

Legal Compliance

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

Prohibition of Discrimination


Working Hours

Workplace Health and Safety

Prohibition of Child Labour

Prohibition of Forced Labour and Disciplinary Measures

Environment and Safety issues

Management System

The Business Social Compliance Initiative Monitoring System is the European approach to improving social performance in supplier countries through a uniform social standards monitoring solution.

BSCI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). All BSCI participants are also FTA members and share the FTA vision of “Free Trade, Sustainable Trade”. To fulfill this vision and has been given specific governance bodies through which BSCI companies are invited to actively take part, to develop and implement an excellent system for improved working conditions in the global supply chain.


Benefits for Workers, Trade Unions and NGOs:

Enhanced opportunities to organize trade unions and bargain collectively.

A tool to educate workers about core labor rights.

Another opportunity to work directly with business on labor rights issues.

Public awareness of companies committed to assuring humane working conditions.

Benefits for Business:

Putting company and  values into action.

Enhancing company and brand reputation.

Improving employee recruitment, retention and performance.

Increase reputation from customer and productivity continuously

Benefits for Consumers and Investors:

Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions.

identification of products made ethically and companies committed to ethical sourcing.

Broad coverage of product categories and production geography.